Susan Morris, Partnership Coordinator

Susan Morris, Partnership Coordinator
With Bishop Joel Obetia and Rev. "Mama" Joy Obetia, Madi-West Nile Diocese, Church of Uganda

Monday, May 25, 2009

Status Report

Well, I've come to realize that trying to balance a full time-plus job and all that's necessary to prepare for moving to Uganda just isn't working. I've been spinning my wheels trying to both and not making much progress on either. So, in the next few weeks I will be cutting back on work so that I can focus on Uganda preparations. This means that I need to get my condo rented out within the next couple of months and move into an inexpensive apartment. I have spoken with a couple of property management companies and I'll be listing my condo with one of them soon. Please pray for discernment on which company to go with. Please pray also that the Lord will provide a good, long-term tenant and that my furniture and other items will sell quickly.

I am excited and look forward to seeing how the Lord will bring things together and provide all that's necessary in order to serve Him in Uganda!

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