Susan Morris, Partnership Coordinator

Susan Morris, Partnership Coordinator
With Bishop Joel Obetia and Rev. "Mama" Joy Obetia, Madi-West Nile Diocese, Church of Uganda

Thursday, July 9, 2009


FURNITURE. Well, another piece of furniture exited my front door this evening, and more cash went into my pocket. There are only a few more furniture items to sell, but lots of "stuff" left. I need to have a garage sale, so I'm praying someone will volunteer their garage/drive way for this - soon. Any volunteers?

CONDO. The couple that wanted to rent my condo have changed their mind, so I now need to list it with a property management company. I had prayed about this and believe this is what the Lord's best is in this situation. If the couple had rented it, I wouldn't have anyone looking after it or taking care of things if anything went wrong, or if for some reason they were unable to pay the rent. And now I don't have to move so quickly. Thank you for your hand in this, Lord!

I DO have a place to live now once my condo is rented. A dear friend has invited me to come live were her until I leave for Uganda. Again, thank you Lord!

CATS. My two boys need a good home, though. Please be praying for a loving home for them, and let me know if you are interested or if you know of anyone who might want them.

JOB. Oh yeah, almost forgot. When I asked to cut back on my hours at work, my immediate supervisor approved, but HR cut me back to zero! So, I'm looking for a job, preferably temporary or part time so that I can continue preparing for Uganda. I applied for two positions through Monster today. Please pray for the right job to come along - soon.

Thank you for your prayers and for partnering with me in this exciting journey!

In Christ,

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